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The Automated Software Systems Platform is the NEXT generation. Let it work for you!


Automated Software Systems has developed 16 ready to use modular applications that can be integrated into existing systems or used as a stand-alone product.

Our unique modular approach provides starting with a basic platform, and using that framework as a foundation allows clients to build the exact software suite they desire. The system has a built in e-commerce site which allows our clients the ability to relieve existing IT teams from messy integrations, and also frees them up to easily modify any part of the web interface using our content management system (CMS).

By adding prebuilt modules such as Automated Sports, Horses, Lottery, or even Mobile Module Technologies, a company can instantly have a fully functional online gaming system that is completely automated.

These coupled with our Affiliate and Agent System or our White Label Partner Site would all you to expand exponentially with the help of Affiliates and Agents worldwide or by producing White Labels for clients of your own.

NEWLY added to the Automated Software Systems line of software products is our Kiosk Application.

This system includes the Kiosk Hardware , easy to use Sports Betting Software with the ability to provide Betradar applications and the fully equipped POS system allowing you to operate a single to an umlimited amount of Kiosks from one POS backend.

All Kiosks can be tied to your very own Auomated Software Systems White Label giving you unlimited coverage. No matter if the client is at your venue at home or on a mobile device they will always have access to your brand!

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